The Best Home Theater Needs A Good Blu-ray Player


Are the more expensive Blu-ray players a better choice? That depends on what you want out of one. Streaming movies from Netfilx and VUDU as well as Amazon Video on Demand are some features that can be really fun for your best home theater experience. This way you can watch what you want when you want it even if it is a current TV show or movie between the three choices.


Upconverting or scaling is another feature you might want to look into since this is an important feature and there is a difference between companies that manufacture Blu-ray players. Standard dvds and streaming content from the internet benefit well from Blue-ray players.

These would be my two of my favorite features but there are many features between Blu-ray players that you should consider before purchasing one.


As I mentioned in my “Should you upgrade” article, I’ve found that the picture quality from services like Netflix looks better coming from a Blu-ray player than it does from dedicated digital media receivers like Apple TV or Roku.

Most players with streaming capability are also DLNA-Certified, as in they can stream music from your computer. The implementation and functionality of this varies greatly. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, it’s worth reading reviews to see how well the feature functions on each device.

Unless there are specific features you are looking for most of the cheaper Blu-ray players should be fine for the average home theater. What are the most important features you are looking for in a blu-ray player?

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