The Best Home Theater Should Include Internet Access



Smart TV is defenitely the future of TV by merging internet capabilities along with TV to change how we watch and interact with various forms of media. The best home theater experience should include web access by now and if not then you are missing out by not being in control of what you watch when you want to watch it.

“Smart TV” is the new hot buzzword these days. Imagine, for a moment, that your HDTV combined the simplicity of the normal TV-and-remote experience with the powerful search features and video-on-demand libraries you’re accustomed to on the Web. Toss in social networking, photo sharing, music, gaming, and a hundred kinds of Web content. That’s what “smart TV” means. It means never needing to settle for anything less than having what you want to watch (or hear, or play) running in big-screen glory right now, while you master the universe from the couch with your all-powerful remote.

Don’t let all the TV and tech companies out there fool you, however. You have many ways to make your existing TV smarter, other than just buying a new connected TV with all the bells and whistles built in. You don’t have to purchase a brand-new PC or yet another set-top box, either. And you don’t have to let your cable-TV subscription hold your eyeballs (or your wallet) hostage with hundreds of channels you’ll never watch. Instead, we’ll walk you through the products and services that can feed the Web through your TV–without breaking the bank.


For the moment I would just stick with the set-top box instead of going right out and purchase a Smart TV especially if you are on a budget. I would personally look into something like the D-Link, Boxee Box, Roku, Apple TV, ect, ect. There are so many changes going on with this kind of technology right now that by the time you bought a smart TV it could become outdated quickly as new features are always coming out. Various networks and content providers may not agree how they wil interact with eachother and therefore you could end up with a Smart TV that may not have certain features you might want while a cheaper set-top box will. Untill the dust settels just as with what is happening with the different formats of 3D TV’s. Definitely shop arournd and look for features that you are the most interest in and you will have a great home theater experience.


Do you own a Smart TV or one of the various set-top boxes? Which do you prefer and why? What options do you thing are a “must have”?








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