Connect All Your Portable Gadgets With Your Best Home Theater HDTV With A Cable That Fits In Your Pocket


The best home theater technology is advancing so fast that all of our small, portable gadgets that we use everyday are becoming more integrated into our home theater rooms for such things like sharing media content from our phones, tablets, mp3 players ect. Connecting your media to your HDTV has become even easier with the new thin, lightweight portable cables using new technology by RedMere. RedMere is a company based out of Dublin Ireland who provides complete active-cable solutions to the cable industry.

Top TV and electronics companies, including Vizio®, Samsung®, PNY®, Monster®, and RadioShack® now make thin, lightweight, flexible and, yes, portable cables using new technology by RedMere, one of Ireland’s leading tech firms. RedMere figured out how to boost signal strength and maintain quality so that extra-thin, light, and flexible cables can carry the data-rich digital video and surround sound signals used in TVs and other audio-video products with HDMI® technology.

Is there really a noticeable difference? Typically, cables using RedMere’s technology are 70-80% thinner and lighter than conventional cables of the same length. Practically speaking, that means having a 10-ft. cable that fits comfortably in one’s shirt pocket instead of awkwardly in a computer bag, briefcase or backpack.

Just as the HDTV industry is rapidly changing, so is the way we will connect our various sources of media, from our phones to our laptops.

What kind of devices do you use the most to connect to your HDTV to veiw and share various media?




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