The Best Home Theater Uses A Projection System


The best home theater should have a front projection system that consists of a projector and a screen. This is the best way to simulate the look and feeling of your local cinema. Just as there are many options to choose from when buying a projector you also have options for the screen as well. One really great advantage to having a projector besides having a very large screen is the fact that you will not have valuable space being used up like a TV and stand do.


By: Greg Robinson/Electronic House

Flat-panel displays get much of the attention today, but they can’t compete with front-projection systems when your goal is to own a truly captivating home theater. Consider the phrase “home theater.” As obvious as it may seem, home theater is all about creating a theater … in your home. How many times have you gone to the movie theater to find everyone huddled around a 50-inch plasma? (If your answer was “greater than zero,” you should find a new cinema.)

“If you walk into a room with a 110-inch screen and a gigantic football game playing on it, people say ‘WOW!’ You don’t say ‘WOW!’ about a flat panel,” says Gabriel Montemurro, senior system design engineer at Gramophone, a Maryland-based home theater and home automation shop. “There’s nothing like a two-piece projector and screen system to give you that cinema feeling—that WOW factor.”

Anyone who is still deciding between a large flat panel HDTV and a projection system should consider the fact that you can get a projector and screen that is twice as big or bigger as a large flat panel HDTV.


Do you own a projector and screen? If so what are you favorate or even your least favorite features about it?

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