Go Back In Time In Your Best Home Theater With The YouTube Time Machine App


Imagine going back in time in your best home theater or out on the town and being able to pick out a certain catagory like television, commercials, current Events, sports, movies, and music and being able to select the year of that catagory and view the various content that it provides from that year. The .99 app is available for the iphone, ipod touch, and the ipod.

The former Next New Network-er, current YouTuber, and perennial online video creator and connoisseur created YouTube Time Machine with Matt Capucilli as way to quell viewers’ pangs of nostalgia for entertainment and advertising from yesteryear, as well as give those viewers a novel way to consume online video. You simply go to the site, select a year, toggle which kinds of videos you’d like to see (Television, Commercials, Current Events, Sports, Movies, and Music are the current categories), and you’re delivered hand-selected video after hand-selected video meeting your criteria. There’s everything from clips of Billy Nye in 1993 to old school Looney Tuneslogos from 1969, and everything before, after, and in between.

Johnson and Capucilli recently released an iPad and iPhone version of their in-browser Video Time Machine application. People like it. A lot. The application’s climbed up to the #1 spot on the iPad Most Popular Overall Apps list, #2 on the chart for iPhone Entertainment, and #30 on the list for iPhone Overall Apps.

This is a really neat idea for an app, hopefully it will be available for the android market soon as well! If you have this app what are your opinions of it? Would you want to change anything or leave it like it is?

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