Protect Your Best Home Theater Equipment With The Panamax M4315-PRO Power Conditioner


With the Panamax M4315-PRO Power Conditioner you can plug in up to 8 devices in the rear of the panel and one device in the front from your best home theater room with the option of a 15 or 20 amp breaker depending on the model you choose. This is a great addittion to your home theater equipment rack for the ultimate in protection.


You also get browser based power management from BlueBOLT where you can access the energy management user interface page from your PC and check data on current watts, volts, amps, peak power, energy usage, budget and consumption over budget ratio that can be viewed by the day, week or month. The energy management email alerts are also a really cool feature as well as being able to schedule specific conservation commands for each outlet that will shut down certain pieces of equipment of your choice that is draining power when not in use based on the data that you receive online.

Following the included Quick Start Guide, product setup was simple, and it is a mere two pages of instructions and product details.

You’ll find one “always-on” front outlet, into which I plugged my projector, mainly because of its close proximity. However, this might be a good spot to power a cable box that needs to remain on for DVR use.

The rear panel features eight outlets — they can all be individually controlled, but are also grouped into four filter-isolated pairs, including one pair of high-current outlets. The rear also incorporates the M4315-PRO’s AC inlet, ground lug, CATV/Sat connections, LAN Cat 5 protection pass-through, analog telephone/DSL protection pass-through, DC trigger, and the all-important BlueBOLT-CV1 card. An optional RS-232 card is included.

I really like the feature of being able to find out what piece of your home theater equipment is secretly draining power while you are not using your home theater. The energy consumption can add up over time costing you money especially if you have a full rack of equipment. What are your experiences with the Panamax M4315-PRO Power Conditioner?

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