Consumers Prefer Passive 3D TV’s For Best Home Theater Experience


Even though LG supports both “active” and “passive” 3D systems, LG commissioned a study to find out which 3D system consumers want. 80% of the consumers that were surveyed prefer LG’s passive 3D TV’s over other active 3D TV’s. The best home theater should replicate your local cinema but even better and more personalized and I think this should also include the more simple passive glasses like those used in theaters for maximum comfortability.

Passive 3D TVs use technology that is similar to what’s being used in movie theaters: separation of the left and right eye images on screen via a technique called circular polarization, and passive polarized glasses that allow each eye to see the correct halves of the stereoscopic image so your brain sees the illusion of 3D. But instead of a dual projection system and special silver screen material (used in theaters), passive 3D sets at home use something called a Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) incorporated into the TV screen to separate the left and right images. The same passive glasses used in theaters work at home using the passive system. Proponents of passive 3D technology claim a brighter image, less flicker and little to no crosstalk as advantages of passive 3D over active 3D.

In my opinion the more simple the 3D sytstem the better. Which 3D sysem do you prefer and why?

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