Choosing The Best Home Theater Projector And Screen


Shopping for the best home theater projector and screen can be a little more confusing than just buying a flat panel TV. There are many options and price ranges to consider but the first thing to think about is your budget. If you have no ceiling on your budget then you can spend thousands of dollars. For the rest of us you need to sort through the features and decide what you want and what is the most important features to you. Features such as brightness and resolution are two of the many important features you may want to consider.


The best projectors cost tens of thousands of dollars and require installation as well as regular maintenance. If budget is no object, consider cathode-ray tube (CRT) projectors. When properly set up, they exhibit the best image quality. They require maintenance only every three or four years.

For the low budget approach look at the digital-light projectors. Since some of these have loud internal fans, be sure to listen carefully as you evaluate this type of projector.

The two most important factors determining quality and price are resolution and brightness.

What are the most important features in your opinion when shopping for a home theater projector and screen?

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