The Best Home Theater Enthusiasts Prefer The LG Electronics Next Generation Of Passive 3D TV Technology


LG Electronics had commissioned a third party study in which over 80 percent of the people surveyed prefered the next generation of passive 3D TV technology from LG Electronics over active 3D TVs from Sony and Samsung. The best home theater experience is getting better by this kind of market research and the replication of the “cinema” like feel of 2D and 3D films as seen in the theaters.

When asked which TV provided a better overall 3D experience, 80 percent preferred CINEMA 3D over active-flicker sets from Samsung and Sony*. In addition, more than three quarters of the respondents preferred LG CINEMA 3D for the immersive 3D experience (78%), 3D effect (77%), overall picture quality (77%) and 3D glasses (78%)*. In the live controlled test, respondents saw a total of four 3D TVs that displayed the same content and were asked to rate their experience with each. The TVs, questionnaire and glasses were all meticulously de-branded to ensure that brand perceptions had no impact on consumer preference. For full survey results and methodology please visit

This is a huge turn for the 3D TV market which reminds me of the duel between the VHS and BETA formats when VCR’s started becoming popular years ago.

What kind of 3D TV do you own or like? What are your comments about the third party study that was commissioned by LG Electronics?

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