Great Tips For Building The Best Home Theater PC

The best home theater PC is a great way to integrate various media files from your computer to your TV. As technology keeps advancing it is also merging together. A good example would be the use of apps on your phone to control your TV or using your computer to wirelessly transmit movies, music, and photos of different file formats to your flat panel TV or projector. Home theater PC’s can give you an edge by allowing you more control over your enterainment choices.

Suppose you’re interested in assembling a small, energy-efficient home theater PC (HTPC) that you’d also be proud to display in (or on top of) your entertainment center, but you didn’t want to invest huge amounts of time or money into making it happen. That’s reasonable—even die-hard builders with the best of intentions sometimes prefer to take a few shortcuts rather than reinventing the wheel every time a whim strikes. You can build exactly the HTPC you want—or almost any other kind of PC—in a dizzyingly short period of time by using a barebones kit.

These are kits by name vendors that give you the frameworks you need for a PC, but don’t fill in all the blanks for you. You may get one preloaded with a certain motherboard, for example, but the processor, RAM, video card, and any other components are left up to your discretion and budget. Using a barebones system helps you get the best of both the building and buying worlds: the satisfaction of doing a lot of it yourself along with the convenience of not having to fit every single piece of hardware into place (especially as many barebones systems are tiny or feature unusual interior configurations).

Building your own home theater PC can allow you to customize it the way you want to so it is tailored exactly to your home theater needs.

If you have built your own home theater PC then what are your favorite features that you had installed?

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