With Veebeam HD You Can Stream Content From Your Computer To Enhace Your Best Home Theater Experience

Veebeam HD is an new interesting product that lets you stream content from your desk top computer or laptop. You can sit between 16 and 18 feet from the Veebeam HD wireless receiver, which connects to the television. In the front of the Veebeam HD receiver there is a notch for the USB antenna to go when it is not in use. This will also power off the base unit which is in my opinion a neat feature as there is one less piece of equipment to power down in your best home theater. The free Veebeam application software also needs to be downloaded and installed from the Veebeam.com website.

Update: ISATTELLITELINK Software Video Review

Hi- Dan here. I was reading through some of my posts on the blog, and I thought I would share a video review of some software called ISATTELLITELINK that I did thought would go good together with the Veebeam.

Veebeam is claiming a solution in the form of their simple, affordable Veebeam HD. This add-on device arrives in two pieces, namely a curiously shaped little set-top box and a USB plug-in antenna. More on the hardware in a moment, but as to what this product can do, well….


In short, the Veebeam HD represents a different way to get all of our computer audio and video to the home theater, wirelessly, maintaining high-definition specifications. That would be impressive enough for content stored locally, or on removable media, but now the entire internet is at our disposal.

Have an older TV that doesn’t support Netflix streaming? No problem. With Veebeam HD, you’ll be ready for Netflix streaming and more. Want to access the free Hulu service without having to pay $7.99/month for the “premium” Hulu Plus version on your set top box? Also, no longer a problem. Frustrated by Google TV’s incompatibility with a great site like ABC.com? Free at last! Are you an HBO subscriber otherwise unable to access video on demand? With the HBO GO app running on your PC and a Veebeam stiching out of your USB port, you’re good to, y’know, go. This is in addition to the limitless realm of YouTube certainly, but since that support is being built into more and more devices, let’s be bold and visit any site, just because we can.

I like the fact that the Veebeam can bypass some of the deliberately blocked content that can be experienced by Google TV. There have been many times where I would need to display the contents from my computer to my 50 inch plasma in order to easily share videos in many different formats quickly.

What are your experiences with the Veebeam HD? How do you think it compares to other set top boxes or other home theater PC’s? We would love to here your opinions.

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