Set The Mood In Your Best Home Theater Room With The uRay Color Changing Line Of LED Lighting Strips

The uRay RGB Eco Tape and uRay RGB Link can be used with any iSky starfield ceiling or you can enhance your best home theater room with these flexible LED lighting strips. You can cut these strips to any length you want and place them virtually anywhere. With the iSky RGB Controller and receiver there are 20 static color options, six color-changing options, and six custom DIY options.

The uRay RGB Eco Tape and uRay RGB Link are both designed to complement any iSky starfield ceiling, as well as stand alone as a decorative element anywhere in the home. These flexible LED lighting strips can be used in the home theater, the kitchen, the kids’ rooms, or anywhere else in need of a little accent. When used with iSky lighting panels, however, they promise a little added depth and drama.

All uRay strips are flexible and can be cut for a custom finish. Each strip also has 3M double-sided tape to make the installation easy. However, these aren’t just stickers; uRay can also be dimmed, controlled and programmed for a variety of moods and effects.

Placing these strips behind objects hanging in your home theater room or behind your equipment rack or TV will defintely enhance the mood as well as provide a colorful low level light source to help you get around your home theater easier when the lights are out.

Where at in your home theater would you would you install these LED Lighting Strips?

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