Are Projector Lamps Hurting Your Wallet?

Projector lamps can get expensive but unless you have a room that is brightly lit from outside scources then they should not hurt the wallet as bad as you think. Ideally staying under the 3000 lumen range is your best bet. Otherwise you are looking at a very expensive projector. In my opinion a home theater should be free of windows and closed off from other distractions.

If you are an owner of a projector lamp, you personally know the chunk of change that had to come out of your pocket to become a proud owner of this heavyweight gadget. As much as you may love the light and energy that spirals out of this machine every

If you can’t decide between a flat panel tv or Projector then ask yourself if there is going to be a lot of light pollution. If there is not a lot of light leaking into the room and you can control it then I would go for the projector. If you have too much light and you can’t control it then a lcd, led or plasma tv would be ideal.

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