The Peerless HD Flow Could Bring Wireless HD Fun To Your Best Home Theater Backyard Entertainment Experience

The Peerless HD Flow (model# HDS 100) wireless HD transmitter and reciever could be the solution to some of the problems you are having building your best home theater. Your cable problems could be solved, especially for those of you who have HD projectors or hard to mount HD televisions.

But the biggest trade-off, and the one that so far is preventing more systems like this from showing up in every home, is the cost. The HD Flow basic kit costs almost $400. A second Blu-ray player and set-top-box would be cheaper. Other systems cost about the same. So for now, wireless HD transmission is more about convenience—to solve specific and insurmountable installation problems—than it is about cost. If you have no other way to get an HDMI cable to your TV or projector, a wireless solution like this one will work.

Another thought, considering it’s July and we’re all spending lot of time outside, is that the HD Flow makes a great solution for outdoor AV systems. Rather than figuring out the nasty cabling to get a TV and Blu-ray signal to the deck, just hook up one of these. Then copy the codes from the original source components onto a learning remote, and you’re all set for a backyard movie night.

While pricey, the system works as promised, and is a problem solver. However, I’d like to see a wireless HD standard that would then lead to more products with embedded transmitters and receivers. That would be game-changing.

The thing about this product that attracts me is that I can project movies outside wirelessly and easily on to a screen or even on my house with just about a snap of a finger with my HD projecter. Its like having your own drive-in movie theater at home. This is a product I completely recommend for outside family fun or that hard to wire wall mounted HD television. However, you do give up some audio and video quality, the convenience of wireless HD movies and television is a sigh of relief. This will definitly give your outside gatherings a new twist and finally make it easier to mount that flat panel on the wall of your choice.

What kind of situation or gathering would you use the Peerless HD Flow for?

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