Stream Your Media From Your Best Home Theater PC Or Mac To Your Phone Without Having To Wait For It To Sync

Plex is a great home theater and media management app that lets you stream media content from your computer to your phone. Plex will also transcode as its streaming so you don’t have to worry if your content is in different formats. After you install the software on your computer and after some configuration then you are ready to install and configure the app for your phone. Now your best home theater is mobile and ready to stream music, movies, podcasts, ect.

Why Plex?

There are certainly other apps that allow you to stream music and video from your home computer to your mobile device. Plex is unique because it also offers a media center application you can use on your Mac if you have one connected to your TV at home. More importantly, Plex offers media server apps that sit quietly in the background of your computers and lets you connect and stream from them whether they’re in use or you’re away from home.

Perhaps one of Plex’s biggest benefits is that you don’t need a third party, cloud-hosted, or managed solution to manage your music or media for you. You control the app on the computer with the media you want to watch, and then on your phone. The phone streams straight from the computer—no need to upload your music or movies to another service, or pay for storage.

Also, Plex does transcoding on the fly, so you don’t need to worry whether or not the video on your computer at home is the right format to be seen on your Android phone. Plex handles that for you when you press play. (Sort of like Air Video or StreamToMe for iOS, but with a little more open-source and cross-platform friendliness.)

After the configuration of the software and app Plex seems like a neat option for those who are always on the go or always out of town and have lots of content on the computer to keep them entertained wherever they go.

Do you use Plex? If so please comment on your experiences to let others know how you like or don’t like the software.

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