The Best Home Theater In A Box By Pioneer Comes With A Choice Of A Unique Sound Wing Or A Pair Of Satellite Speakers

You might want to enhance your best home theater room with the sound wing by Pioneer which uses HVT technology which reduces speaker height and unwanted vibrations while the satellite speaker version comes with two slim omnidirectional speakers which can also be mounted on the ceiling . Pioneer has also included a built-in Blu-ray player and a seperated subwoofer.

The HTZ-HW919BD Blu-ray Surround System will come in two flavors: A bar type version and a pair of satellites. The former bears a resemblance to the Yamaha YSP-2200 soundbar and receiver/subwoofer combo, except Pioneer has included a built-in Blu-ray player and separated the subwoofer–a better setup for those concerned with vibrations in their A/V cabinet.

The satellite speaker version will come with two slim omnidirectional speakers. However, the soundbar version’s dimensions’ are more impressive, being just 25.5mm thin while the satellites are 37mm each. The HW919BD with the soundbar speaker will cost S$1,199 and hits local retail stores in August while availability of the version with satellite speakers will be announced at a later date. The rest of Asia should expect it at around the same time depensing on distributors in the respective countries.

Pioneer has a great reputation and I am very excited to see the two new versions of their “home theater in a box” soundbar systems even though the sound wing system will be around $1200 this will give people with small home theater setups more quality choices or for those who simply want the best.

What are your opinions between the two systems? We would like to hear your comments.

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