Rev Up Your Best Home Theater With Separate Preamplifier And Amplifier Component Systems

The sound quality In your best home theater should be a top priority if you already have an elaborate set up or money is not an issue. Having separate preamplifier and amplifier component systems will give you more control and the best sound quality in your home theater than a receiver. Component systems may take up more space in your home theater but will also reduce any possible heat damage like that can occur with a receiver.

Some audiophiles and videophiles with large, elaborate home theater systems want more flexibility and quality than what is available from all-in-one receivers. Dedicated home theater amplifiers are often capable of supplying more raw power than receivers, and the enthusiast can dedicate a separate amplifier to each audio track if he chooses. Similarly, dedicated home theater preamplifiers usually include more sophisticated processing capabilities than receivers, resulting in higher sound quality and a greater amount of control over the final signals sent to the speakers. Separating the preamplifier components from the amplifiers also reduces the possibility that sensitive processor components will be damaged by heat.

Most of us will just opt for a good receiver which will be just fine but if you plan on investing a large sum of money into your best home theater then I would definitely look into buying separate preamplifier and amplifier component systems for the ulimate control over your home theater sound system.

We would love to hear your experiences with the separate preamplifier and amplifier component systems VS. using a receiver. What are your likes and dislikes with both systems?

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