The Best Home Theater ipad Apps For Your ipad

As technology keeps advancing in the home theater industry we are seeing a merging of devices like computers, tablets, smart phones and other handheld devices integrating with eachother and one way of making this integration easier is the use of apps which help us in many ways to give us the best home theater experience that we can have. This list of some of the best home theater ipad apps will help you get an edge in your home theater.

Analysts estimate that by the end of 2011, the number of Apple iPads sold worldwide could be as high as 50 million units. Stimulating this demand is a community of software developers who have now released over 500,000 apps for Apple’s iOS devices.

For home theatre enthusiasts, the exciting news is that within the last year a multitude of apps have been released which can control most elements of your home theatre including your High Definition Television (HDTV), A/V Receiver, Blu-ray Player, Home Theatre Personal Computer (HTPC) and various media extenders such as the Apple TV, Squeezebox and Boxee.

Here are a few examples of some of the apps that are listed in the article.

Movie Information – if you trying to decide what movie to pick up at the local video store of if you can’t figure out who played in a particular movie then download the free “Movies by Flixster” and “IMDb Movies and TV” apps. Flixster uses the popular movie aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes to give you the critics viewpoint on virtually any North American movie from the last 20 years while the IMDB app lets you find out more information about your favourite actor, director and movie. No movie lover should be without these apps.

RedEye – The Red Eye infrared remote is a great way to turn your iOS device into an infrared remote extender remote controller for all of your home theatre devices. Using hardware sold separately, the RedEye app lets you send remote control signals to your home theatre using your home networks WiFi.

Remote – Developed by Apple, Remote gives Mac and PC users the ability to control iTunes and Apple TV over you WiFI Network. If you want to stream video or audio from an iTunes server to your TV or stereo then get this app.

Remote HD – This $5 app lets you view a live display of your Mac, PC or Apple TV screen from your iOS device. Great when you want to keep your computer or Apple TV out of sight but still want to control them remotely. If you are looking for just a remote track pad app for your Home Theatre PC, be sure to check out Mobile Mouse which also works with Apple TV

The integration of home theater equipment with the various media devices is an interesting thing to watch. We have computers and other heldheld devices that can stream movies and other files to your HDTV and now the HDTV can be used as a computer to access the internet as well as even making phone calls through though sites like Skype.

What is your favorite handheld device to use the best home theater ipad apps on?

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