$30 On-Demand Rentals From Hollywood

Hollywood is coming out with a “Home Premium” movie plan. The plan will allow you to access and watch a movie just 60 days after a theatrical run for $30. This seems expensive but being able to watch a movie before it is released on on-demand services and dvd is filling the gap of a long waiting period.

Hollywood’s biggest studios have signed a deal to launch “Home Premium,” a video on-demand service that will make still-in-theater titles available for $30 per rental. If you think paying $8-per-month for a streaming-only Netflix subscription isn’t

With Home theaters becoming more and more customized I think this will be a successful move from Hollywood’s studios. Yea it might cost less per ticket at the cinema but if you have a large family you would be able to save a lot of money. This might not make everyone happy but it does fill a niche for many people.

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