Buying The Best Home Theater PC Without An Optical Drive Like The Mac Mini Will Lead The Way To A Discless Society

Now that the Macbook Air and the Mac Mini no longer have built in disc drives it appears that Apple has jumped ahead of the game and is banking on the fact that we will no longer be needing optical drives since nowadays we can download and stream movies, music and other media instantly. If You are a fan of a discless society and want to jump ahead to what the future holds then the Mac Mini may be your best choice when buying the best home theater PC for all your downloading and streaming needs.

There’s also the home theater crowd to consider. The previous generation Mac Mini, with its flexible display options and DVD drive, gained acclaim as a near-perfect media player (just hook it up to an HDTV and you’re good to go!). But now that the drive is gone, the retribution from home-theater enthusiasts is swift. Over at tech site Engadget, Nilay Patel cited the lack of DVD support as his biggest gripe with the machine, saying, “The Mac mini looks like it’d be the ideal home theater PC … [but] having access to Hulu, Boxee, iTunes and Netflix is just half of the story — there aren’t too many HTPC owners that never pay their local Redbox a visit.”

There’s no reason to think that Apple will bring back optical drives in the future, which means it’s also unlikely that it’ll ever introduce Blu-Ray drives in Macs. Steve Jobs famously referred to Blu-Ray as “a bag of hurt” back in 2008, and it’s worth pointing out that when Lion, the next iteration of the Mac OS X operating system, arrives in a physical format in August (it’s download-only for now) it’ll be on a USB stick, not a disc.

I am a huge fan of going discless, I am looking forward to buying the best home theater PC without a disc drive escpecially since flash drives are beccoming a more popualr and convenient way to store data.

What are your opinions of living without discs and optical drives? Could you make the change now or do you need more time? What are your opinions of switching to flash drives?

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