There Are Many AlternativesTo Buying The Best Home Theater Video Streaming Services Like Netflix

The price increase of the Netflix subscription service has caused many people to look for other alternatives that are similar. Buying the best home theater video streaming services like Netflix is a personal choice based upon your veiwing habits. Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime both stream tv shows and movies but Hulu plus streams more tv shows while Amazon Prime streams better movies and tv shows.

An alternative to Netflix discs-by-mail is Redbox and Blockbuster Total Access. Blockbuster Total Access gets new releases earlier than Netflix and Redbox.

The Slingbox Pro and VOD are good options if you already have a cable or satellite provider and a DVR but do not watch a wide variety of tv shows or movies.

itunes is a great option if you want to own the downloaded tv shows or movies to watch on your TV, laptop or any other handheld device as well as being cheaper than VOD.

I’ll be cancelling my Netflix subscription today, essentially sending a Dear John letter to Netflix along with my my final disc-by-mail. The price increase that goes into effect today will cause most people’s membership to rise 60%. Mine went from $11.99 a month for a single Blu-ray and unlimited streaming to $17.98 a month for the now individually priced pair. It went from a “little over $10” to “almost $20.” But it’s not just the 50% price hike that is compelling me to tell Netflix to take a hike – it’s the fact that there are several new alternatives to Netflix that didn’t exist when I subscribed at the start of the Xbox 360’s streaming program. Some options are cheaper, while others are more convenient, so it’s important to carefully chose the best Netflix substitute based on your viewing habits.

Even though I cancelled my discs by mail from Nexflix I still enjoy their streaming services very much. But besides Netflix the other options that are my favorite are Amazon Prime and itunes.

What are you favorite Netflix alternatives? We would love to hear your comments!

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