The Best Home Theater Projector Could Soon Be Built Right Into Your Smartphone

The best home theater projector could soon be Built right into Your smartphone with the FLGS3 series lens which measures 1mm x 1mm x .8mm and could turn your smartphone or any other handheld device into a mobile home theater projector that you could show your friends and family pictures and video just about anywhere you want to.

The FLGS3 Series lens is also ideal for high-brightness projector situations.

I can’t wait for the future wave of mobile devices that include embedded projectors. Pico projectors are cool and all, but just like point-and-shoot cameras, it’s so much more convenient to have everything wrapped up in one little gadget, than having to tote a phone, and a camera, and a … you get the picture. (I’m a girl, and I don’t even carry a purse — anything I carry with me fits in my jacket or pants pockets.)

Tiny projectors could be great for presentations and sharing information (particularly photo or video). And of course, the obligatory clip of “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

The possiblity of projecting images and video anywhere you go on your smartphone or tablet will change the way we share media in a big way! Just imagine if you want to show a video presentation at a casual business meeting without having to lug around your laptop or a large projector. You could be prepared for just about any opportunity that comes your way.

What would you use a a projector this small for? Ideas and comments are welcome!

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