Low Cost 3D Home Movie Conversion Can Be Done By A Company Called 3-D Vision

In this episode of Home Theater geeks #75, host Scott Wilkinson talks with Gene Dolgoff about his company called 3-D Vision and how they use a conversion technique called Auto 3D which is a much faster and more cost effective than the 3D conversion technique called Rotoscoping. Low cost 3D home movie conversion can be done for you by 3-D Vision at a very resonable cost.



Just imagine having some of your kids sports games converted to 3D with a low cost 3D movie conversion from 3-D Vision and how much fun it will be to watch with the whole family. After all isn’t your home theater all about sharing quality time with your family and friends anyway?

What kinds of home movies would you like to have converted? Please share your comments, we would love to hear them!




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