The Best Home Theater Media Quality Is Lower When We Choose Convenience

In this episode of Home Theater geeks #76, host Scott Wilkinson talks with Michael Fremer about how the best home theater media quality is lower when we choose convenience over quality when choosing between Streaming movies and blu-ray discs. When our standards of quality are lowered then we no longer have the need for high quality A/V equipment. So when you have a choice between streaming or blu-ray, choose blu-ray unless of course you are on a budget, then a streaming service will suit you just fine.

If the best home theater media quality is lower when we choose convenience then maybe as a society we are making unnecessary sacrifices in order to have more media content for our choosing. I still think there is a transition happening with media formats which will force the “convenient” lesser quality media formats like streaming services to come up with ways to provide a much higher quality service at a resonable cost. Just like how Michael Fremer and Scott Wilkinson talk about how we are not aware of the some of the differences between high and low quality media formats like the differnce between mp3′s and vinal records. How would the later generations ever know the difference between the two formats if one of them has not been in the mainstream long enough to know the difference? In my own opinion I think streaming services will be forced to offer high def movies just like the on-demand services that cable companies offer.

What are your opinions on quality vs. convenience? Do you prefer high quality blu-ray discs or lower quality streaming services? Also how often do you watch streaming services on your portable devices like smart phones, tablets or laptops? We would love to hear your comments and feel free to share this post on facebook or twitter.

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