Turn Your DLP Projector Into A 3D Capable Projector For A Lot Less Money

Want to turn your DLP projector into a 3D capable DLP Projector with out spending a fortune? For about $1500.00 You can have a complete 3D home theater projection set up using a 92 inch screen by using the 3D-XL Adapter!

This little black box enables huge screen high definition 3D for your home theater, without the ridiculous price tag that accompanies other 3D projection options. The 3D-XL couldn’t be much easier to set up. You plug in the power adapter, connect your

This is the way I would go if I was in the market for a 3D home theater projection set up. It uses the output of a 3D source component like your 3D blu-ray player and creates a 3D signal that is fully compatible with the current 3D-capable DLP projectors. The resolution is scaled from 1080p down to 720p. Even though the quality is not 1080p I still think this is the best option unless you are in the market for a high end 3D projection set up that can cost a considerable amount of money.

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