Building Your Best Home Theater With Quality Components

As the summer is coming to a close and fall just around the corner it not only means it’s back to school for some but it also means that the colder months will be forcing a lot of us indoors for a while. This is a good time to start thinking about building your best home theater with quality components that give you the best audio and video you and your family wiil enjoy while lounging on your favorite home theater seating. There are many places online or in magazines that can give you great ideas to help you build your home theater from the best components to the decor of the room. The way the room looks will have an impact on your mood so choose wisely and don’t skimp on the theme.

As the project came into focus, I reviewed home theater magazines, online resources, and tapped friends for ideas and inspiration. I knew that I wanted to leverage the help of a remodeler for the physical aspects of the space but wanted to configure and install the equipment myself. We partnered with Jordan Englar of Englar Design-Build, who focused on the custom cabinetry that is found at both ends of the long room and the overall build of the room. On the recommendation of Bill Soderholm at StereoLand—a local retailer/installer—I decided on in-wall speakers alongside a flush-mounted VApex 100-inch screen for a clean, uncluttered look. Staying true to the multipurpose goal, we chose seating that reflected a home theater look but was more conducive to other uses as well. Lighting design included sconces for home theater viewing and overheads in three other zones, all dimmable for achieving various moods. Last, we installed a Murphy bed, which is housed in the wall, between the custom cabinetsat the opposite end of the theater to accommodate guests.

In my own opinion I think looking at before and after photos of home theaters are a great way to get that creative spark to those that lack creative juices. I also like to see a list of components that are used which also is a great way to see how other peoples experiences are with specific brands and how they are compatable together which also helps you when you are building your best home theater with quality components as well.

What kinds of details would you like to see when viewing before and after pictures of other peoples private home theaters? Feel free to comment or share this post on facebook. We would love to hear your opinions!

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