Netflix Or Blockbuster For Streaming and DVDs In Your Best Home Theater

If You can’t decide between Netfilx or Blockbuster for streaming and dvds in your best home theater then there are some things to consider before subscribing to one of them. Even though Netflix just raised their prices you still have an unlimited amount of movies that you can stream for one low monthly fee while the Blockbuster service is a pay per view service that can add up quickly if you watch a lot of movies.The Blockbuster dvds that you send by mail has an advantage over netflix in that you can exchange them at your local Blockbuster as well as being able to see movies 28 days before Netflix.

The original Netflix business model–the one that put it on the path to take down one-time video-rental king Blockbuster–was delivering DVDs by mail. Netflix innovated in several ways: ordering was done online, monthly subscriptions were flat-rate (keep one to seven DVDs out at a time for a set fee), and–the big one–there were no late fees. Currently, unlimited plans start at $7.99 (one DVD at a time); if you want the option to choose HD Blu-rays, the plan costs $9.99.

Eventually, Blockbuster began offering its own flat-fee disc-by-mail program, Blockbuster Total Access. Now–following Chapter 11 bankruptcy and a sale to satellite provider Dish Network–a reinvigorated Blockbuster actually has some interesting distinctions from Netflix’s postal option. As part of the $9.99 plan (one disc at a time), consumers can choose between DVDs, Blu-ray movies, or video game discs. Moreover, Blockbuster lets Total Access subscribers exchange discs in a Blockbuster store, if they’d prefer immediate satisfaction to waiting on the mailman.

Before you decide between Netfilx or Blockbuster for streaming and dvds in your best home theater keep this in mind. If you are like me and are way behind with watching new releases as well as much older releases then Netflix is a smart choice for streaming and discs by mail. If you have kids, Netflix will keep them busy for a long time to come as well. If you want to watch a newer release that Netflix does not have then either the Red Box Or Blockbuster kiosk is a good option to integrate with Netflix.

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