The Best Home Theater Projection Screen That Works In Bright Rooms

The Best home theater projection screen works in bright rooms acording to Screen Innovations which is the producer of the Black Diamond Zero Edge screen that works great in a brightly lit room. The 9mm rigid panel screen comes in three ratios which are 16:9, 2.35:1, and 16:10. Besides inquiring about custom sized screens you can easily get the standard 80 to 147 inch sizes that can be hund on the wall like a flatpanel TV as well as other options.

The ultimate home theaters are based around projection systems, but many people mistakenly believe putting a big screen in their room will look terrible. At the same time, those people are very willing to hang a big flat panel TV that protrudes several inches from the wall and requires heavy mounting hardware and new wiring (well, Ok, projectors require wiring too).

Anyway, Screen Innovations, a projection screen company, has come up with a screen designed to satisfy the aesthetic complaints and also work perfectly in a normally lit room rather than be restricted to a dark theater

The Black Diamond Zero Edge screen is the best home theater projection screen that works in bright rooms and is a great altenative to the normal home theater screen that requires a darkened room. This is a great design as it not only modernizes the traditional home theater screen but not having to turn out the lights is a fantastic feature that will expand the use of home theater projectors as well.

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Black Diamond Zero Edge

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