The Best Home Theater WHDI Stick By Amimon Streams 1080p From Any Video Source

The best home theater WHDI stick by Amimon streams 1080p from any video source that has an HDMI port. So if you want to stream from your laptop or tablet you plug in the WHDI stick into the laptop or tablet’s HDMI port and to power it you connect a short USB cable from the WHDI stick to a USB port. You can view all of your content from your tablet or notebook to your TV without having to worry about obsticles or lag unlike similar devices. it has a The receiver simply connects to your TV via HDMI port and has a range of over 100 feet.

When I did get the WHDI Stick to make a connection between video source and TV it produced excellent picture and sound quality at standard definition and full HD (1080p). Video quality was only negligibly lower than that achieved via a wired connection and showed no perceptible lag, stuttering or pixilation. The WHDI Stick could even handle HDCP-encoded content. I tested it using Disney-Pixar’s Cars on Blu-ray and the disc played without a problem. Amimon claims that the Stick will also work with Blu-ray 3D.

One of the advantages of the WHDI Stick over the WiCast is that it is designed so that a single receiver can be connected to more than one transmitter. Using the remote control it should be possible to switch between devices via an on-screen menu in the same way that you switch between video sources if you use an HDMI hub. Assuming that having multiple transmitters connecting to one receiver isn’t undermined by the connection issues I encountered, this could provide an efficient way to link the various components of a home theater system while only using one of the TV’s HDMI inputs.

So far the best home theater WHDI stick by amimon streams 1080p from any video source and makes it very convenient to not only stream content wirelessly but it does not require an OS or any installation. You just plug it in and stream your favorite content.

In my opinion this is the best device out there so far for streaming content from your laptop or tablet. There are many uses for a device like this but I think it will mostly fill in the gaps for a while until all video devices, computers, tablets ect. all have built-in capabilities to stream to your TV.

What are some types of content that you would stream with the Amimon WHDI stick? We would love to hear your comments, and also please feel free to share this post on facebook.

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