Buying The Best Home Theater HDTV

Buying the best home theater HDTV can be very confusing for the average person that does not keep up with the latest technology which includes many of us due to busy schedules. The choices we have when it comes to buying an HDTV are Plasma, LED, and LCD. Not knowing the difference can cost you more mony in the long run. Plasma HDTV’s are your best choice for your home theater room if you are looking for the best picture quality. Plasma is also best at contrast while LCD has the worst at showing high contrast but LCD also has the longest life.

The contrast ratio is one of the first criteria used to evaluate a particular television set. Contrast refers to the ability of the set to show the difference between the darker and lighter areas of the picture well. In this comparison, the winner is clearly the plasma, followed by the LED, while the LCD has the lowest ability to show high contrast.

The viewing angle is an important consideration when it comes to a television set as very frequently a particular TV is viewed from an angle other than straight ahead. In this respect, the wins again, as it is possible to view a show equally as well at any given angle. LCD is the worst in this category as frequently it may be difficult to watch a show from an odd angle.

All three types of television are equally as good at displaying vibrant color, which is an important consideration to any television viewer. While some aficionados have claimed that the LED TVs have an edge due to their back light choice, the fact of the matter is that there is no clear winner agreed upon by all.

In my opinion I prefer the plasma HDTV but when you are buying the best home theater HDTV you should think about your budget. If money is not an issue then I would opt for a high end projector and screen or the best and biggest plasma HDTV you can get. If you are on a budget or are looking for a TV for your childs room then an LCD would be a good choice as they last much longer. LED HDTVs are my 2d choice especially if you are concerned about the enviroment since these TV’s don’t use as much electricity and are considered the “Green” choice for the enviromentally conscious.

What is your first choice for an HDTV and why? We would love to hear your comments! Please feel free to share this post.

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