Building The Best Home Theater Room On A Budget

Building the best home theater room on a budget might seem overwhelming at first but with a good checklist along with some basic knowlage you will not only save yourself a lot of money but you will also be able to customize your best home theater room exactly as you want it. The main catagories of your checklist should include Acoustics, Lighting and Furnishings, Audio and Video. Of course under each of these catagories there are more choices but knowing your budget first will help you in your decision process. Also keep in mind that you can get into a nice home theater projector and screen for about the same cost of a 50 inch or bigger plasma HDTV.


Once you have chosen all of the pieces of your system, you will then have to construct it. It doesn’t take expert skill, but some aspects will require professional help.

I wired the speakers and the lighting before I got to work on the ceiling. Then, I needed to hire someone to install the carpeting on the floor and as wall coverings for around $150. Finally, I connected the audio and video components myself.

Final Word

Our final total cost for building our movie room was approximately $3,000, split almost evenly between remodeling costs and electronics equipment. In the end, it was worth the investment for us. As parents of a young child, we do not have many opportunities to go out to the movies. While $3,000 seemed like a lot up front, it cost us about as much as it would have to buy movie tickets and hire a baby sitter every couple of weeks for the past few years. Plus, we use our theater far more often.

We end up saving in the long run, and furthermore, visitors who enter our movie room are so blown away by it that we are confident that it has added value to our home. If you have a space in your house that is suitable to a home theater, you can build a pretty impressive room for less money than you may think.

In my opinion when building the best home theater room on a budget I would personally prefer a projector with a screen that is no smaller than 100 inches if possible. After all isn’t this the reason for building a “Home Theater” anyway? Your own home theater should also give you a similar “WOW” feeling like that at your local cinema.

What kind of projector and screen do you prefer to use in your home theater? Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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