Learn How To Select The Right Size Projector Screen For Your Best Home Theater

After you decide that you are going to set up a projector in your home theater, your next choice you will have to make is what size screen will be best suited for the room. It is quite easy to learn how to select the right size projector screen for your best home theater once you know the native projector resolution otherwise known as “aspect ratio” along with the ceiling height and the distance from the sceen to where you will be sitting.

Distance from screen to audience. What you need to take into consideration here is not those who like having their noses on the screen, but the people sitting farthest away, to determine minimum screen width: “A screen should be at least as wide as 1/6 of the distance between the screen and the viewer farthest from the screen.” For example if the back row of an auditorium is 48 feet away, company officials say, “then the width of the screen should be at least eight feet wide.” Get a friend who’s good at math to help you with that one.

If you are like most people you will most likely want to get the biggest projector screen that will fit in the room after you learn how to select the right size projector screen for your best home theater. Imagine you are using the 16:9 aspect ratio of your projector and your ceiling height is 8 feet high and your couch is 10 feet away from where the screen will be then your maximum screen can be up to 80 inches wide and no more than 4 feet high which is actually quite big and will suit most home theater enthusiasts needs.

What screen size are you using and what is your ceiling height and the distance from your screen to where you will be sitting?

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