Best Home Theater Design must Include Quality Gaming Headphones

Good quality gaming headphones belong in the best home theater design

The best home theater design must include quality gaming headphones so that each gamer gets the full sound effects from the different games. There are several important issues to consider when choosing gaming headphones. According to the article below written by Derrick Cramer, sound of course is super important but comfort is also a huge problem when you are using the headphones for hours at a time. Enjoy the family time and  remember best home theater design must include quality gaming headphones.

“Sound is an essential part of gaming. Good audio can create an immersive, engaging experience, while poor audio will almost always ruin the experience. Developers realise this, and so for the most part games tend to ship with a good soundtrack, convincing ambient noise and realistic sound effects.”

“As a gamer who appreciates the hard work that has gone into audio, and who wants to experience the game as the developer intended, one should look at investing in a good pair of headphones.”

Stereo versus Surround Sound

“An age old debate: is stereo or surround sound better for gaming? The answer is very subjective and totally dependent on personal preference.”

“Personally, I am a firm believer in a high quality set of stereo of headphones and feel they provide an extremely natural, detailed audio image of games. I have never had trouble identifying where an enemy is, and find that there isn’t enough space in the cones of a headset to correctly reproduce surround sound.”


“How long are your average gaming sessions? An hour? Two? Four? If so, it’s important to buy a pair of headphones that fit comfortably on your head. Too tight, hot enough to make your ears sweat and cones that are too small are just a few issues that may present themselves, so be sure to do some reading on potential purchases.”

“Another comfort factor to consider is open or closed headphones? Closed units don’t let ambient noise in while you’re gaming and make sure others can’t hear what you’re listening too, at the cost of more ‘boomy’ bass and more heat build-up.”

“Open headphones don’t ‘seal’ over your ears, and often let ambient noise in (as well as the audio you’re listening to, out). The benefit of these is more natural sounding bass, and cooler ears while gaming.”

Whenever I talk about headphones I always talk about the volume and hearing. There has been a lot of research done that supports lowering the volume on your headphones to spare your hearing. Try keeping the volume adjusted to the lowest level that you can still hear and understand the sounds. The best home theater design must include quality gaming headphones to protect hearing.

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