Best Home Theater Movie Rental Companies

The best home theater movie rental companies are making major changes to their services. Netflix being the number one in the movie rental industry has announced that they are dividing their company between online streaming and actual DVD rental. The article appearing in the Bangor Daily News compares several of the best home theater movie rental companies.

Read more for changes from Netflix that may affect your home theater experience

The DVD-by-mail service Netflix built its business on will soon be known as Qwikster. The rebranding follows Netflix’s decision to split its DVD rental business from its online streaming service, a move that raised the prices for customers who want both by as much as 60 percent.”

“Netflix and the newly-minted Qwikster have a growing list of competitors that offer movies and TV shows streamed online, on DVDs or through on-demand cable TV. Choosing the right service will depend on your appetite for video. Do you want the latest movies or the greatest classics? Would you prefer cheap or better on-the-go access?”

“Of the online options, Netflix has the most content available for streaming over the Internet, though cable TV providers have pay-per-view options with a better selection of recent movies. Apple and Amazon, meanwhile, let you rent a la carte if you don’t want to commit to a monthly plan but want the latest movies.”

Here’s a look at some of the options out there:

Netflix (new, streaming-only plan)

“After the company’s rebranding takes effect in a few weeks, Netflix will refer only to the company’s online streaming plan, which costs $8 a month. Subscribers get access to Netflix’s trove of more than 20,000 movies and TV shows. In a blog post late Sunday, CEO Reed Hastings also promised “substantial” additional streaming content coming in the next few months.”


“This is the “old” Netflix under a new name. Qwikster will offer online DVD rentals, shipped to you in the red envelopes Netflix has become known for. The prices are unchanged from July, when Netflix announced it was separating its streaming and DVD rental plans. To have one DVD out at a time, subscribers will pay $8 a month. Two DVDs at a time cost $12 per month.”

Even with the changes from Netflix, I am inclined to think it is still a good deal for most movie lovers. Yet, I wonder if because of these changes will Netflix still be the most popular choice as one of the best home theater movie rental companies.


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