New Home Theater Setup Could be Using Xbox for Cable TV

Your new home theater setup could be using Xbox for cable tv if Microsoft has their way. Winda Benedetti wrote in article appearing on MSNBC, In-Game that Microsoft is currently showing signs of making their gaming console, the Xbox 360, capable of receiving cable signals. By pairing and making deals with the most prominent cable companies in the nation, Microsoft hopes to complete this transition soon and your new home theater setup could be using Xbox for cable tv before Christmas.

“Ever since Microsoft made its vague announcement about bringing live TV to the Xbox 360, we’ve been wondering what, exactly, that would look like. And it seems we may be one step closer to the answer.”

That is, your Xbox 360 may look a lot like a set-top cable box. Or rather, it’ll act like one.

“Microsoft is near to finalizing talks with Comcast and Verizon FiOS to deliver live TV programming to homes via the game machine in cable-box style, according to Digiday, which cites several anonymous sources.”

“How likely is it these rumors are true? Microsoft started talking up plans for adding a live TV service to its online Xbox Live gaming service during the Electronic Entertainment Expo this summer.”

“At that time, the company announced that Xbox 360 owners with an online Xbox Live account would soon be able to access television programming from a variety of content providers both in the U.S. and overseas.”

“Though Microsoft did not specify who they would be partnering with for their live television service in the U.S., Xbox Live’s Marc Whitten said the company would increase their entertainment partnerships by a factor of ten this year.”

“Microsoft CEO confirmed that the company would be launching an Xbox TV service this holiday season. Though Comcast has not commented on the rumors, Bobbi Henson — Verizon’s director of media relations — has addressed the speculation in a post to the company’s blog.”


Cable TV is coming to Your Xbox…

“Though it’s unclear how a cable service would be incorporated into the Xbox machine, this kind of big move into home entertainment is no surprise. Microsoft corporate vice president Frank X. Shaw pointed out on the Official Microsoft Blog this summer that 40 percent of Xbox Live activity is not gaming related.”

“That means a whole lot of Xbox owners (and I’m one of them) are already using the home game console to watch television and movies via the Zune, Netflix and Hulu apps already available via Xbox Live.”

“With set-top boxes from Roku, Apple and Google all growing in popularity, transforming the Xbox into something similar would be a smart move for Microsoft. And since it would mean we could could get our gaming and cable TV all in one convenient location, it would be a very welcome addition for gamers.”

I agree this is a good move for Xbox and Microsoft and it won’t even require consumers to buy a new model in order to begin using your Xbox for cable tv you will only need a current Xbox live subscription. So the rumor is true, your new home theater setup could be using Xbox for cable tv in the very near future.

Do you think this is a good idea or not?

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