Home Theater Design is Simplified by New Logitech Remote Control

Home theater design is simplified by Logitech remote control system that can control up to eight devices at once. I find this idea so exciting because I’m tired of trying to keep track of what remote to use, it is harder than trying to remember all the names and birthdays of each of my four kids (and that is very difficult). Not to mention being able to locate the correct remote when I need it. Finally, home theater design is simplified by new Logitech remote control system, and I can stop searching between the cushions!

Check out this short video…

“Logitech has unveiled their Harmony Link remote control system that aims to make universal control simple, powerful and very cool. You get a WiFi-enabled Harmony Link unit that can control up to 8 devices including televisions, cable and satellite set-top boxes,  Blu Ray players and audio systems. You’re then able to use the Android (or iOS if you’re into that sort of thing) application to control it all from your already existing device.”

“At first glance it’s a lot more than your traditional universal remote or the digital Logitech Harmony remote app that came before it. The coolest feature is being able to get TV listings within the app, meaning you don’t have to go channel surfing on the TV and you don’t have to know what you want to watch before using the remote. The app will let you select whatever show you want to watch and your TV and set-top box will get you over to the right channel.”

“The interface makes it dead simple to use your other devices, too. Instead of showing a list of model numbers and names, it asks you if you want to “Watch TV”, “Listen to Music” or “Play a Game.” The link can learn commands from your existing remotes so you’re never left having to look for an old remote for a feature the Harmony Link doesn’t support. Finally, because it uses WiFi it doesn’t have to sit out in the open.”

“As everyone strives to make everything smart (I long for the day when my toaster will tell me my toast is just about done) we’re not surprised by this logical step for Logitech’s Harmony line. For $100, this could be the best universal remote control you’ve ever owned (granted you don’t need to control more than 8 devices at a time). You can preorder it at Logitech.com today.”

Home theater design is simplified by new Logitech Remote Control system…Harmony Link.

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