HP Wireless Streaming to Your Laptop and Home Theater PC

HP wireless streaming to your laptop and home theater PC would be convenient if the technology was less cumbersome. This rather large box that needs to be attached to the laptop seems outdated and one imagines they could have made the device much smaller. Engadget is providing the latest review of the HP wireless streaming to your laptop and home theater PC. Check out the comments at the bottom to find out what these consumers really think of this not-so-hot item.

“We have to say it’s a bit odd for HP to be announcing its own wireless streaming peripheral — it seems like something more up IOGEAR or Belkin’s alley — but the $199 Wireless TV Connect is exactly what we’ve been waiting for in some respects.”

“Sure, the box that you have to connect to your laptop via HDMI and USB for power is a bit on the large side, but it’s capable of streaming 1080p content, including Blu-ray movies or protected content, to your TV and there’s absolutely no lag when controlling the desktop on the big screen.”

“We’re not exactly sure what technology HP’s using here — we’re thinking WHDI, though the company wouldn’t confirm — but the two box set can be used with any laptop on the market that has an HDMI port. “

In some cases you learn more about a product from the comments after the review than you do from the review itself. I’ll give you a snippet or two just to give you the idea…

Comment#1:”Wow this thing BLOWS. Just wait till next generation Widi next year and it will do the same thing, be cheaper, be integrated into your laptop so you dont have to hang and bread box from your laptop screen. I have the current widi right now and its so seamless.”

Comment #2 “if i wanted to hook up wires and crap, i’d just connect an HDMI cable to my TV. srsly, why would anybody want this?”

Comment #3 “Yup. Make this into small USB stick, then we’ll begin to think srly about it.”

I think the comments tell the whole story when it comes to the HP wireless streaming to your laptop and home theater PC, sure people want this option but there are other ways to achieve basically the same performance and you don’t need to spend $200 to do it.

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