Sharp 80-inch LCD HDTVs Are Perfect for Home Theaters

The new Sharp 80-inch LCD HDTV is perfect for home theaters but then again wasn’t the previous 70 inch model perfect too? When it comes to televisions, size matters. So does picture quality and sound. Each of these features is equally important in it’s own way. Engadget provides a review suggesting the Sharp 80 inch LCD HDTV is perfect for home theaters. 

Sharps New 80 inch tv is perfect for home theaters

“When is big not big enough? Apparently when it’s Sharp’s “spectacularge” 70-inch AQUOS LCD HDTVs that were introduced earlier this year, and have now been surpassed by a new 80-inch model the company showed off today.”

“The LC-80LE632U isn’t an Elite branded model, but it brings all the features of its smaller brethren including full LED backlighting, 120Hz motion processing, built-in WiFi and access to services like Netflix and Vudu. All that is nice, but it’s standout feature is that extra viewing area, which can be yours for $5,499 (MSRP) when it starts shipping in early October.”

“Preorders are already popping up for sub-$5k prices, if you need a big screen and can’t go the projection route (front or rear) this might be a good value — check out the details in the press release after the break.

MAHWAH, NJ (September 27, 2011) –”Continuing to build on its leadership in large screen LCD TVs, Sharp today introduced the largest LED LCD TV to date, the 80-inch AQUOS (80-inch diagonal) LC-80LE632U. This new TV is a full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) Smart TV, equipped with built-in Wi-Fi and access to apps like Netflix®, CinemaNow® and VUDU™ as well as Sharp’s exclusive AQUOS Advantage Live℠ online support.”

“Our 80-inch AQUOS TV delivers more than double the screen area of a 55-inch TV, for an amazing viewing experience,” said John Herrington, president, Sharp Electronics Marketing Company of America. “It’s truly like nothing else on the market. Consumers want bigger flat panel TVs for deeper, more immersive viewing experiences and that’s exactly what Sharp’s delivering here,” Herrington continued.”

The AQUOS 80-inch LED LCDTV offers stunning picture quality and sleek design. The full array LED backlighting system ensures uniformity in both color and brightness from edge to edge and corner to corner while also enabling an incredible dynamic contrast ratio of 6,000,000:1. Additionally, the LC-80LE632U employs 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced which virtually eliminates blur and motion artifacts in fast-moving video. At an incredible depth of less than four inches, the new AQUOS 80″ is a stylish replacement for similar screen size rear-projection TVs, with depth of almost two feet.

With AQUOS Advantage LIVE℠, Sharp AQUOS Advantage Advisors can remotely connect to the TV through the Internet to assist with TV setup, troubleshoot and optimize the picture quality.

Sharp 80-inch LCD HDTV is perfect for home theaters so get yours now.

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