The Best Home Theaters Will Have an LG CF3D Projector

The best home theaters will have an LG CF 3D projector and a high quality screen to show all kinds of entertainment. Don’t forget the passive 3D glasses as less expensive option. According to Projector this is also and educational quality projector that could easily be found in presentation board rooms and universities.

The LG CF3D projector.

At first glance I considered the LG CF3D to be an early 1080p 3D home theater projector. While it’s getting a longer review – as home theater projectors do, ultimately, the projector should be considered a commercial 3D projector. It can be, and is going to be used in home theaters and screening rooms, for its 3D abilities. As a 2D projector for home theater, though, it’s really, really expensive.”

“It will be because of 3D use, be it business, education, entertainment or home theater usage, that this projector will be purchased. (Are there any gamers out there prepared to drop $15,000 for a projector for 3D gaming? I’ll bet there are!) This projector should find itself in the halls of higher education, and many scientific and engineering applications as well.”

“The CF3D might be called a passive 3D projector – in that it uses passive 3D glasses, not active ones. That also means, however, you need a screen optimized for 3D. For our review, I got to use two screens at different times. One was a Da-lite 3D screen, that really had a noticeable hot spot, which is easy to see on many of the images I took. (Quite honestly, the hot spot was “over the top” but, not as bad as the pictures would make it seem – especially the menu photos.)”

“The second screen, though was a much brighter 3D screen from Stewart, which was drastically superior with virtually no hot spot at all. The brighter screen has less contrast, but still was a major impovement. The point, of course, is that 3D screens are going to be improving a lot over the next couple of years, as well.”

CF3D 3D Projector uses Passive Glasses

“What a machine – basically the reason it’s physically large, is that it has two projectors in one box, each with its own lamp, its own R,G,and B LCoS panels, but then combines all that, and shoots a bright image out the single 1.3:1 zoom lens.”

“The CF3D was not only the first 1080p 3D projector that we’ve received for review, but it is also one of only two that runs with nice, low cost passive glasses. In fact, the projector comes with six pair, and if you need more, while I’m not sure of the pricing, figure you can probably pick up the extra two dozen passive glasses you would need for a 30 student classroom, for no more than the price of one, or two active glasses needed by most other 3D projectors.”

“As to which system – 3D active, or passive, is ultimately better, I think the final determinations will be at least a year out. It’s quite possible that some of the advantages of one system, might end up becoming the advantages of the other. Never can tell with early technology.”

“Consider, for years, DLP dominated contrast and black level performance, but these days, 3LCD projectors like the Epson’s and LCoS projectors like the JVC’s (I’m now talking home theater space where blacks are a key performance factor), now exceed the performance of today’s DLP projectors.”

When I think of a home theater where this projector would be useful I see large comfy lounge chairs, sound proof walls perfect lighting, a huge screen and top of the line equipment encased in beautiful classic cabinetry. A home theater that is used for all kinds of social events and family time, would be great for a 3D set up. Best home theaters will have an LG CF3D projector that should last for many years.

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