Best Wireless Home Theater

Dan Shannon

Article #4

The Best Wireless Home Theater

The best home theaters these days have become increasingly wireless. It’s not just computer networking (though connecting your home theater setup with all the computers in your house is a pretty nifty trick)- you can hook up your sound system and HD video inputs. It’s not that complicated, and once you understand the tech behind it you shouldn’t having any trouble deciding is a wireless setup is what you need (or really, really want).

With the advent of Bluetooth technology, the ability to connect any number of devices (not just your television) with our speakers wirelessly has greatly improved the functionality of home theater rooms. There are just a couple things you need to keep in mind, and it hinges on the all our way our speakers work. There are two things speakers need, power and information.

The sound recreation that happens with speakers is really just translating an electrical signal into sound waves and then amplifying it. Because they’re already connected to whatever device is feeding them the sound, they often let that component take care of amplifying as well.

The big difference between wired and wireless sound systems, then, is that the speakers themselves contain amplifiers (a trait that many audiophiles prefer, anyway). Once you have the amp in the speaker housing, all you need to do is transmit the audio signal. Bluetooth helped a lot with this (especially with subwoofers).

Wireless technology offers more flexibility for the best home theater setups. You can arrange your speakers however you want (or however your space will allow) without having to worry about tripping over wires every time you walk by. You still have to plug the speakers in, though, so “wireless” here doesn’t mean “completely without wires” – you just don’t have to connect it to the input.



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